Usha (Ushatai) Deval

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Ushatai Deval

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Usha (Ushatai) Deval

The Late Mrs. Usha ("Ushatai") Deval was the driving force behind Adarsha Shikshan Mandal.

Born in 1935, the pre-independence era of India, Ushatai was a woman of substance, a superior social quotient and an even better industriousness. All these qualities of hers were especially honed and practiced in that era when women empowerment was almost non-existent and education as an individual & social norm was very weak. In these contexts, Ushatai’s vision, hard work and dedication to the cause of education stand out. Her contributions have become the guiding light to many who followed in her footsteps on education drives across Miraj and the State of Maharashtra.

Being one of the promoters of Adarsha Shikshan Mandal, Ushatai was continuously involved in the development, growth and progress of the Institution.

Ushatai had a multi-faceted persona. She was actively involved in the affairs of Miraj Lok Nyayalaya, Miraj Taluka Legal Consultants, was also an Advisor to the Southern Central Railway Catering Committee, worked as a City Corporator for Miraj city and was the Founder & Secretary of The Innerwheel Club for the Sangli District Zone. All these hats donned while solidly working on propagating education in the region!

In recognition of Ushatai’s vast contributions to society, she was awarded with prestigious awards like ‘Aamhi Udyogini’ and ‘Miraj Bhushan’, to name a few.