About School


Ideal English School

Founded: 1978

Adarsha Shikshan Mandal's Ideal English School, was established in 1978.The main objective behind starting the school was not just to impart knowledge to the child but to make him an Ideal Citizen of tomorrow. Ideal English School is situated on a spacious land parcel, providing plenty of space for spacious classrooms, library, laboratory, community hall and playground to learn, discover, explore, play & progress. Apart from the advanced academic activities the school also excels in co-curricular activities like games, exhibitions, excursions, competitions, sports, annual gatherings, bazaars etc. aimed at an all round development of the students.

An effective interaction between the students - teachers - parents - headmaster and management has led to the school acquiring a solid track record of quality education.

Motivating Words

Adarsha Shikshan Mandal has always valued feedback in all forms from parents, students and associates. Testimonials are yardsticks that evaluate The Institution's
performance and motivate it do more & better. Adarsha Shikshan Mandal appreciates the involved efforts!